When first responders are well, our communities thrive.

Since 2015, Heal the Hero Foundation has worked in public-private partnership with
Vitanya Brain Performance to offer innovative technology-based programming for first responders and other community members struggling with stress, trauma, or PTSD.

Our support is outcome-focused —optimizing performance, improving reaction time, augmenting speed and accuracy of work, improving stress resilience, and reducing anxiety and depression in the individuals we serve.


Heal the Hero is on a mission to transform mental health services for first responders, veterans, and other heroes across the country. We work with leaders across government, military, and public service to consider mental health resilience a critical priority– both as an investment in their wellbeing, and in creating healthier, safer communities. We are committed to providing research, education, and innovative technology-based programming to lead the way in our vision of reimagined mental health services.


A world in which mental health and wellbeing is valued and accessible to all.