Changing the Frame: A Wellness-First Approach to Supporting First Responders.

Stress or trauma may not only affect an individual, but often extends to impact their family or loved ones. Heal the Hero’s innovative and proprietary programming is designed to directly address the needs of the Hero and support a path towards healing for their entire family.

Stress resilience within the brain is defined as the ability to achieve positive outcomes in the face of adversity. Breakthroughs in brain health have shown that neuroscience and technology are poised to profoundly change the way we live, work, and deal with trauma.

A Collaborative Partnership

Our approach to mental health resiliency is a technology-driven initiative formed in 2015, in public-private partnership with Vitanya Brain Performance. The Vitanya Program is designed to optimize brain health, increase mental resilience and elite performance, and can be coupled with additional mental health options, such as pharmaceutical drugs and talk therapy.

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