Increased Trauma Resilience for Special Operation Forces

There is a growing mental health crisis among members of the U.S. Special Operations Forces community. The Senate Armed Services Committee was told that they are spread too thin with little downtime between deployments — a situation described as unsustainable.
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Stress Resilience for First Responders

Police officers, law enforcement personnel, firefighters, EMTs and other first responders are vulnerable to multiple physical and mental health problems that are caused by the stress of the profession. Prolonged stress creates long-term negative brain changes. With Covid-19, the stress level of first responders has changed.
They now must treat every person they interact with as a potential infection control hazard, a potential life threat.
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Help for Rural Veterans

Veterans in rural American face additional healthcare challenges due to lack of resources, and mental health is no different. The revitalization of stress resilience of veterans living in rural America through our program of tele-remote neurotechnology is becoming a new reality.
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Trauma Recovery for Survivors Of Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse.

Heal the Hero offers new hope for survivors of domestic violence and sexual abuse through Veronica’s Initiative, inspired by a heroic and transformational story of life-shattering despair, remarkable resiliency, and complete recovery through Heal the Hero’s mental health programs.
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Mental Health and our Youth

Youth represent the hope of a nation. Mental health is now an urgent topic as depression and anxiety reach unprecedented levels, with suicide attempt now reaching 3,000 per day* in high school students. We believe that providing access to advancements in brain performance and stress resilience is an opportunity to produce a generation of leaders.
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The Phoenix Operation is a Military Veteran-Led Solution
for America’s Mental Health Crisis


Find out how you, your family or business can help improve the lives of heroes in your community.