Trauma Recovery for Survivors of Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse

Veronica’s Initiative was borne out of the incredible story of Veronica Winters-Everly and her experience of being sexually abused, of losing her teenage daughter to suicide and her son to an opioid overdose, and of her own suicide attempts in the wake of such devastation. But a last-ditch effort to help changed her life into a heroic journey of triumph over adversity. She credits Heal the Hero’s partnership with Vitanya Brain Performance, and the breakthroughs in neuroscience provided through their programs, as saving her life by reducing her trauma and restoring her stress resiliency.

She launched Veronica’s Initiative in 2019 with Heal the Hero to produce a study of the same neuro-technology driven program for 100 women survivors of sexual abuse and domestic violence. The study is designed for publication, with oversight and results measured by PhD clinical research psychologists.

Veronica’s Initiative began in Phoenix metropolitan region and has since expanded to the greater Las Vegas area.