A Veteran Health, Wealth and Leadership Initiative

Restoring Veteran

The Phoenix Operation is designed to mitigate the mental health crisis of our military veterans. This crisis reached unprecedented levels before Covid-19, and the crisis is continuing to worsen. Our work has shown to help resolve this crisis through innovation in neuroscience. We utilize advancements in neuro-technologies delivered via tele-health, called tele-neuro mental health. Programs for veterans and their families can be offered anywhere, everywhere.

This program’s impact involves increasing stress resilience, improving quality of life and work performance while reducing the effects of trauma. Our twenty-two million military veterans and their families have served with an elevated code of loyalty, honor, duty, and represent one of our greatest assets.

Optimizing Employment &
Work Performance

The Initiative involves business training, certification and employment for our program’s graduate veterans. Heal the Hero offers employment as brain performance coaches, facilitating for others the same brain performance programs that they successfully completed. They develop a high-profile position in the community working with their fellow veterans and expanding to first responders, mental health professionals, addiction recovery centers, foster kids and businesses.

Veterans are wired to serve, and this employment allows them to generate social impact for our communities with a much-needed service at this time. They are on the front lines of mental well-being and optimized brain performance.

Providing Pathways for
Financial Independence

The Initiative is also about business ownership. After successful employment  as a coach, Heal the Hero is creating an opportunity for these veteran employees, Heal the Hero strives to maximize their long-term financial success through business ownership.

In summary, the Phoenix Operation is bold innovation on a national scale: a deployment of trained veteran coaches and veteran business owners who help lead and revitalize the well-being and success of our communities, giving us plenty of reason for hope and optimism.