Mental Resilience for Teachers

As Horace Mann Educators Corp. recently surveyed:

77% of teachers are working more and harder today (CNBC, 12/14/2020)
60% enjoy their job less (CNBC, 12/14/2020)

27% say they are considering leaving

Chronic stress, accelerated by the impact of COVID-19, increases symptoms of teachers’ occupational
burnout. Consequently, classroom preparation and involvement in classroom activities may decline.
Students sense of efficacy in school often declines as well; it reduces student intrinsic motivation and

Stress resilience is defined as the ability to achieve positive outcomes in the face of adversity.
Breakthroughs in brain health have shown that neuroscience and technology are dramatically
poised to facilitate renewed, improved long-term mental resilience, with recuperative sleep,
improved quality of life, and high-performance functionality.

Heal the Hero Foundation provides program grants, funding brain performance programs for police,
fire departments and military veterans. These grant programs are now being expanded for teachers.
It’s service provider partner, Vitanya Brain Performance Centers, deploys a neurotechnology
program which can be delivered via tele-remote, and it is currently installed in police and fire
departments for program access in rural and metro areas.