Increased Trauma Resilience & Performance Recovery for Special Operation Forces

We’ve more than doubled the size of the SOF force in the last 10-to-12 years, and it’s become an enormous part of our foreign policy and our defense policy. More investment should be made in mental health care for special operations forces.” (Rep. Adam Smith, D-Washington, September 18, 2019)

 After leaving active duty and transitioning back to civilian life, many SOF veterans struggle with serious mental health issues, including post-traumatic stress and depression. In the context of this difficult transition from the battlefield to the home front, a mindset that fosters success in the world of special operations can become a double-edged sword. Fighting through injuries and ignoring pain to complete the mission may be what is required in the short term, but insistence on one’s own invincibility over the long term can prove fatal.

 -Military Times, 9/18/20