Increased Mental Resilience & Performance for Veterans and Active Military

Our soldiers today have been fighting wars unlike any others who have fought. They fight a largely unseen enemy and face casualties from IEDs and suicide bombers. Many are injured and maimed by unseen foes. They can end up coming home limited with severe physical and mental injuries. Some are separated from the military service with questionable employment prospects, and adjustment into civilian life remains challenging. A number of veterans experience depression, and a loss of purpose, and in some cases, an overwhelming family crisis. Their mental health difficulties profoundly touch the lives of the U.S. general public.

“For Special Operations Forces, we’ve more than doubled their size in the last 10-12 years, and it has become an enormous part of our foreign policy and our defense policy. “More investment should be made in mental health care for special operations forces.””

-Rep. Adam Smith, September 18, 2019