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Why Our Program Works

We are embarking in a new healthcare world which is not about limiting access or offering price-discounted care. This fundamental shift places emphasis on our self-health management and technological possibilities. It is happening because our health as a nation is broken: we spend the most money in the world today on healthcare on a relative cost basis with the worst outcome.

Our Nation's Heroes

There is no end in sight to the cycle of severe stress and its complications for veterans and first responders. We believe that this continues to be a national crisis. We also believe in the success potential of these men and women, and their capability to perform at high levels, firing on all cylinders.

Heal the Hero is privileged to fund the programs that deliver brain fitness and release that potential.



The brain is now believed to self –repair and even regenerate neuropathways. This mean we can potentially optimize our capabilities with greater regularity. While this solution has yielded dramatic results, accessibility and affordability have eluded the veteran and first responder communities in general. Heal The Hero changes that.