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Lou Schwartz

Chief Executive Officer

Lou is familiar with taking on executive level challenges while involved with both private and public sectors. Lou brings the knowledge that the skills needed to run a non-profit are the same skills needed in business. His public-private partnership with the law enforcement community was a first-of-its kind: a free-of-charge, real-time neighborhood emergency alert system, connecting local police, fire, public safety agencies, schools and hospitals with their surrounding neighbors.  He has developed creative coalitions with the cities of San Antonio, Houston and Las Vegas. His career has been marked by long-time community service with expansive views of education and leadership.

 “We provide research, education and funding for brain performance and well-being for military families, law enforcement and first responder families. WE HELP OUR HEROES receive important services to optimize their success potential.”


Joseph Holmes

Chief Operations Officer

“After 25 years in the corporate world, I was excited when presented with the opportunity to establish the Nonprofit Council for the Mesa, Arizona Chamber of Commerce in 2010. As the 38th largest city in the U.S., the Mesa chamber is the recognized resource and celebrated leader for the Mesa business community. The Nonprofit Council offers a wonderful opportunity for me to utilize my leadership skills in serving nonprofit agencies throughout the East Valley expand their influence. “

“One of the reasons Heal The Hero appeals to my heart is that my father is a retired air force general, and I am aware of the sacrifices made by our veterans to provide for our security.  The same is true for our cops and firefighters. Their needs to regain the needed resiliency – physical, emotional and mental – are still unmet despite the efforts of many agencies and programs, as well as the government.  I view Heal the Hero as a vehicle to provide very real, life-changing health solutions to these heroes and their families.”


Wendy Nelder

Public Benefits Advisor

“The good guidance of others, particularly my father who, as San Francisco Police Chief, had deep respect for human dignity, has inspired me to spend my life promoting public health and safety.  To that end, as an elected official, I wrote legislation concerning nonsmokers’ rights and substance addiction and supporting victims of domestic abuse. Heal The Hero provides an  opportunity to support the mental, emotional and even physical health of those who protect us and the future generations who will take on such responsibilities. Heal The Hero is uniquely positioned to deliver the means to increase societal stability and strength of future generations.”

“Heal The Hero” offers an incredibly needed service. So many veterans have served in law enforcement that I have seen  first-hand the devastating impact of stress in their lives. And I fully support the research, education and funding of solutions for veterans and their families provided by our foundation. I am so very pleased that I was asked to serve.”


Ellen Sohus, MC, LPC, LISAC


Ellen Elizabeth Sohus is a mental health and substance abuse counselor with extensive experience in treatment settings. She has provided clinical supervision and training to clinical professionals as well as to psychology and counseling professionals.